Teros in the 20th Century!

by Charles A. Marcoux

December 24, 1945
The day before Christmas I decided to go to a Thom McAnn store to get a new pair of shoes. The store was located on the corner of S. Saginaw St. and Union in Flint, Mich., about 3 blocks from where I lived. It was a dreary day with a steady light snow, just warm enough to make the streets wet and sloppy. As I stood at the intersection, facing the Rialto Theater and waiting for the signal light to change, I felt a very strong sensation come over me, and my eyes were drawn to two people standing under the light post across the street. This couple exerted a strange pull on me, with my "eyes" becoming attuned to theirs.

I stood magnetically "transfixed", unable to move and unaware of my surroundings. At last my mind became completely attuned to theirs, and our eyes seemed to pierce each others. There are no words to explain the wild panorama of thoughts and feelings that came over me. Telepathically they impressed me that they were "Teros" and that I KNEW THEM PERSONALLY, and knew that they were "Teros from the cavern world".

Soon, the light changed, and as they crossed the street they passed within six feet of me. I decided to walk over to them, while I searched for the right words to start a conversation. Try as I may, my body would not respond to what I wanted to do and to what my mind was telling it to do. In those few seconds when they passed so close to me, their eyes did not waver right or left, and their thoughts left a mark in my mind. They seemed to say, "Guard your thoughts from unfriendly rays."

I was stunned and speechless as I helplessly watched them go up the street with the crowd of Christmas shoppers. At that moment, I was again able to move, just as they seemed to merge into the crowd and disappear. Hastily I walked after them, and I assure you that I could have caught up with them, but try as I may I just couldn't find them. It appeared as if they became one with the other people. As I rushed to the spot where last I saw them, I psychically examined the crowd of people. The couple had simply disappeared or became "invisible" from my mind.

Later, when I returned home, I slouched into an easy chair and privately mulled over the whole experience in my mind. I considered writing down the events to send to Ray Palmer and Richard S. Shaver, and as I thought about it, I got a strange feeling that I should not tell anyone. I was impressed that this experience was for me alone, and that, possibly, Shaver or Palmer would not believe me. As I thought it over, it appeared in my mind that these two strange people didn't want to be exposed, that they might get into some kind of trouble from the "Ray Guards" of the Underworld. I didn't want them to get "into trouble" over me, so I never bothered Shaver or Palmer with my story, nor anyone else until now as I write this material for SHAVERTRON.

I must first get you to realize that in 1945 (when this happened to me) there was no source whatsoever, outside of Shaver and Palmer, to help explain the experience which I had. Today, there are hundreds of Ufological searchers presenting material which would, and does, explain what I encountered. Only in a 1946 issue of AMAZING STORIES was a Tero ever described, by Richard Shaver.

First, I will attempt to describe the male Tero: He was about 6' 3" tall and about 175 pounds. He appeared thin and lean, yet with physically strong limbs and structure. His nose was one that is not easily forgotten: it extended down and curved under his chin. I can only say that it must have been at least 7 or 8 inches long. His facial complexion had a very grey, ashen hue, and was quite pitted or pockmarked. His cheeks were shallow, and his eyes were grey or blue-grey. I only saw his left ear lobe, but it was exceedingly long.

His attire was of the early 1920's, all in differing shades of grey. His hat was extremely large for his head, which pricked my curiosity further. Thoughts passing through my mind said that there was some kind of mechanical device (robot?) connected with that hat, and that somehow it was attuned to his hands which were resting in the pockets of his long overcoat. I was impressed that he didn't want anyone to see his hands. The bulge in his pocket looked almost like a small pistol, but I got the feeling that it was a small telaug device, connected with his head and hands.

At the time of this encounter, I was able to analyze them through ESP and keep in mind minute details about them, while still other thoughts flowed into my mind. I was aware of Shaver, as if they were letting me know that Shaver was right. These thoughts reached me, even though there was an attempt to cover up the "Ray Guards", for I was aware of a far-off conversation of thoughts mingled with my inner vision.

The woman appeared to be from 22 to 26 years of age and maybe 5' 4" tall. She had a beautiful olive complexion, like someone who had been taking a lot of sun baths at a beach in Florida or California. Her eyes were very large with deep, black orbs which seemed to penetrate into my thoughts. Her face was small with a delicate nose, mouth and chin, which made her eyes very predominant. I became aware of her unusual inner beauty, more so than her physical beauty. She, too, was telling me that she was from the cavern world, while making an effort to guard her identity and protect herself from unfriendly "rays."

Her clothing, like her companion's, was of the early 1920's. They were drab and had seen better days. She wore a coat of dark brown that reached below her knees, and her stockings were of the old cotton style. Her hat, too, was very unusual, and I sensed that it also had some kind of connection with a mechanical device in her hat and purse. This hat looked like a lamp shade of a deep purple felt, and her small purse was the same color. She wore brown gloves, having her arm linked through the arm of her companion, staying very close together, as if to keep warm. I noticed she had on galoshes and he wore rubbers on his shoes, because I was very aware of their footprints in the snow and slush as they walked past me. It is entirely possible that the woman may have been born on the surface and, at some time encountered a Tero who may have indoctrinated her into cavern life as a "go between" for the two worlds.


Drawing by Charles A. Marcoux

Sometime in 1946, Shaver wrote many footnotes to stories he wrote for AMAZING and FANTASTIC magazines, describing the lives and styles of the Teros in the Elder Cavern World. RSS said that their fashions might be as old as the medieval times when the Conquistadors and the Inquisition spread through the caverns, at the time when Columbus sailed to America.

Shaver claimed that Teros have many types of "fungus" growths on their bodies. That is, the lack of SUN LIGHT causes a fungus growth on them, very similar to the mushroom. (Note: All mushroom spores come from caves and deep underground rivers that follow deep caverns.) He said that most of the growths can, in some way, cause their noses to grow at different angles and often extend for several inches beyond their chins. (See THE HIDDEN WORLD, Fall, 1962, pg. 1255). Generally, the lack of sunshine and the lack of light energy from the aging lighting system of the "Ancients", causes their skin to be pale or ashen and grey.

Shaver further says that the Teros often come up on the surface and bring along some of the antiques of the Ancients which they trade for supplies. Usually, they have to pay to get on the surface. To get INTO the caverns, they have to pay a heavy bounty to the Ray Guards who control the Portals or Entrances. The travelers often lose most of everything they try to bring back with them.


These "Ray Guards", as Shaver called them, are a lazy, sloppy race of Deros who are in contact with certain surface people who in turn guard the entrances on the outside.

I do not believe that Shaver knew who had control on the surface -- he never mentioned it -- except that Ray Guards controlled the Portals. My personal Tero contacts have shown me that those on the surface are ones you would never suspect of controlling the doors and entrances for surface "MERCHANTS", who are guilty of stealing from the desperately needy Teros.

These surface "MERCHANTS" are as bad as the Ray Guards, and they get control of the ancient, antique wonders which would revolutionize the medical world and bring telepathic miracles; but that would put the Ray Guards and surface merchants out of business. The OIL BARONS, TRANSPORTATION and COMMUNICATIONS control the supplies and needs on the surface, the same as in the cavern world. You can recognize the surface Portals by going to any "slum area" where the PAWN SHOP MERCHANTS THRIVE; you can detect portal rays around their stores, by using your own camera and color film. Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas is where most "STOLEN GOODS" are transferred to pawn merchants in MEXICO, and it often finds its way into the caverns in the various states in the Southwest, but especially into the Cavern World in the San Madero Mts. of Mexico.

--Reprinted from Shavertron #13