Shaver Mystery Art

Literary history claims Richard Shaver was a crackpot paranoid schizophrenic for creating the famous "Shaver Mystery." But hey, guess what? He was also a self-taught fringe ARTIST who has finally gained recognition as a true American "outsider" artist.

Shaver's Work chronicles his impressions of Pre-Deluge
Earth Civilization and voluptuous naked women.

An outsider artist is considered someone with no formal training in the arts. Many of Shaver's ante-Deluvian paintings appeared in Ray Palmer's final Shaver Mystery book, The Secret World (as opposed to Palmer'sThe Hidden World).

The second half of that 1975 publication detailed Shaver's "Rock Books," and was illustrated profusely with colour plates of rock slices and paintings of what Shaver saw in the rocks.

Like most artists, Shaver did plenty of sketching and drawing...

...Which occasionally showed up in Palmer's publications and others.

Cover Art for The Hidden World and a 1981 Shavertron

This page is a homage to Shaver's time spent as an artist. Any other contributions to the page are welcome...

A large pastel depicting an ante-Deluvian rogfogo photographer with camera

Richard Shaverin Rock House Studio -- Summit, Arkansas (early 1970s? Note rock slices and paintings)