Formerly titled "The Pasturing and Use of Homo Sapiens"
by "TAL"

Illo by Fyfield

My late friend, Richard Shaver, told me that asking "officialdom" for action about UFO data is like a Jew asking Hitler for mercy on the grounds that you have a family to care for. The storm troopers reaction is to go out and pick up the rest of the family.

Most UFO buffs think that their efforts will lead to some sensible attention by the powers that be, attention to the broad problem that UFOs present ... the problem of "Are they invaders?" and "What do they want here on Earth?" and all those other nagging questions.

They come to Earth for things surface people don't know about. Earth is on the ancient space trade routes. They come to bases (cavern city complexes) and they mine, manufacture and some do genetic manipulations to form various subservient cross-breeds.

For the most part, we are dealing with another species, humanoid in shape but reptilian in heritage. Their leader elite are the "Draco". They are cold-blooded and have to balance their surrounding environment to maintain body temperature.

They are suited especially for space travel, as they have the ability to hibernate. The "reptoids" have scales which protect them from losing moisture through their skins. They have no sweat glands. The scales are much larger on their backs, making the skin more waterproof.

The scales on their face, neck, chest, and hands are smaller and more flexible. They have three fingers, with an opposing thumb. All have large cat-like eyes and twin nose holes at the end of a short, stubby muzzle.

They are mostly meat eaters. Their mouth is more like a slit, but they have teeth differentiated into incisors, canines and molars. They average six to seven feet tall. These reptilian beings direct the efforts of other beings called the GREYS, EBEs, etc., and form the largest category likely to be encountered by surface humans.

They are really an order of "cross-breed" between Homo-Sapien and the reptilian species. There are several other lines of "cross-breeds" which have been bred for various characteristics. Some even appear more or less human. Some of the reptilians and cross-breeds have sensory pits (near the eyes) that act as an extra sense and can "see" heat. Some have a pineal eye and are telepathic.

These beings can operate effectively in the dark. Their eyes are move sensitive to ultra-violet light. They can control their heartbeat. The greys have a high metallic content in the skin, as well as an unusual cobalt pigmentation. Many have no external sex organs, but some have been bred to have them. Government authorities agents disguised as civilians and others seek to learn more about these beings. It should be noted that not all the cross-breeds are hostile. There is an order of small humanoids (two to four feet tall) that work with the beings that resemble humans, except close examination will reveal unusually-shaped ears.

The most prevalent of these have blond hair, large foreheads, and a medium dark or light complexion. The reptilian cross- breeds are potentially dangerous. One variety (working with the "Draco") has come from a system with a light source that subjected them to a high level of radiation. It is the minds of these beings that would be considered most strange by terrestrial standards. They are hive-like (robotic) and demented. They are considered detrimental beings (Shaver called them DEROS).

These beings do not eat, as we know the term. Some use substances that are synthetically produced, mixed with blood from living animals and humans. This is sometimes mixed with hydrogen peroxide, which kills the foreign bacteria in the mixture. They may also be feeding off the "life essence" of these substances. They also seem to "feed" off nuclear energy, and have apparently manipulated humans into developing sources of radio-active power.

The Men in Black

It appears that there are several groups of interlopers active on this planet. I want to focus on the "Men in Black". These elusive figures are a distinct part of the UFO scene. They are based deep underground. They seem to use extra-sensory or technical means to locate and check up on humans to have spotted their flying craft or know too much about their activities.

They seem to be kind of a "security force". The pallor of their skin and their sensitivity to light suggest that they come from an environment with subdued light. Their movements and apparent pain while on the Earth's surface suggest that they live in an area with less gravity field density. Apparently, they are assigned to cover up the activities and secret operations of their civilization. We must actively resist the "invaders" of our Planet, our bodies and our minds.

We must expose the enemy which seeks to enslave us. We have a sacred responsibility...based in truth, reality, and HOPE.

Where Do Reptilian "Aliens" Come From?

We are being "Monitored" by ECHELON/NSA and NSC/MAJIC

"SECRETS OF THE AGES: UFO'S FROM INSIDE THE EARTH" FIRST UK EDITION, HARDBACK 1974 SOUVENIR PRESS. The author examines and presents a strong case for a point of origin for most UFOs that has been largely ignored, as it was considered too fantastic! From inside the earth.