Jim Wentworth, a prolific Palmer zine contributor during the Shaver Mystery's heyday, also wrote a column for SHAVERTRON (in its heyday) called "RAP's Corner"; RAP being Raymond A. Palmer, the brilliant hunchbacked editor who publicised not only the Shaver Mystery, but also the UFO mystique and fringe philosophical themes. Here is a sampling of that former column.

Readers' Comments and Editorial Replies

Reader Evelyn E. Taral asks Ray Palmer how he would rate OAHSPE with the Bible. Palmer answer:

"I don't 'rate' the book with the Bible. I am of the opinion that it is a book well worth reading, because it provides so much material to stimulate thinking. Also, it provides more mundane answers to many questions we ask the Bible. Further, its science is more literal. For instance, our recent ISIS satellite has just confirmed OAHSPE's 'vortexya', and the fact that the energy that causes the northern lights flows upward from the north pole rather than downward from outer space (from the sun) as previously held by scientists. This is just one example of its worth in useful thinking on whatever is true about this planet."

Reader Charles L. Conant, a non-believer in reincarnation, offers the following from OAHSPE: "Neither created I him imperfectly that he should re-enter a womb to be born again. that which I do is well done."

RAP's reply: "I have never heard a logical reason why being blind, crippled, slave, king, etc. proves reincarnation. Indians believe that they can go to another plane of existence they call 'The Happy Hunting Grounds' after they die. Once we called them savages. So why can't the 'savage' fit into another plane? Who can refute the Indian's ancient belief? And if ancient savages actually have been reincarnated many times (even hundreds) how is it that we are as savage (even more!) today as 'civilized' people as any savage ever was? Why haven't we progressed? If reincarnation is true, it doesn't work! The fact is, all theories about reincarnation are pure fabrication, and it is necessary to twist all evidence to fit the theory, instead of making the theory fit the evidence. "I myself am crippled; supposedly I did some awful thing in a previous life, and now have to work out 'karmic justice' by suffering through a whole lifetime--except that when it is all over, I will have learned nothing, because I am totally ignorant of why I am being treated so shamefully. In fact, I may have done precisely the same 'crime' in this life as in the last, because I don't know any better than I did then, and I don't remember a darned thing! Yet, I meet people who claim to be reincarnated, especially if they were Queen Cleopatra! I even met two Cleopatras on the same day! At least one had to be a fraud! [SEARCH, July 1972].

Reader J. Crayton finds much confusion in what OAHSPE says about Atlantis. Replied Palmer:

"OAHSPE never mentions a lost continent in the Atlantic called Atlantis, but it does describe a continent that was once in the Pacific Ocean called Pan. OAHSPE says it was necessary to submerge Pan, because the earth needed pruning, like an orchard, for its spiritual development. OAHSPE SAYS THIS CONTINENT WILL SOON BE DISCOVERED 'that mortals may comprehend the magnitude of the work of (THE ALMIGHTY'S) Lord.' It is very possible that either a submarine or a scientific excavation team or an oil drill will discover this continent, and when Pan is discovered, it should help OAHSPE attain worldwide fame, because OAHSPE even gives a map of Pan, and it was first published in 1882." [SEARCH, Sept. 1975]