The N Chronicles

As Told by "L"

Editor's Note: This correspondence was written by the "Mysterious L," with whom we corresponded for a time during Shavertron's heyday in the late 1980s. The following is a letter from "L" to a researcher and member of Charles Marcoux's "Southwestern Expeditionary Unit" who planned to search for the underground civilization mentioned in the following correspondence. "L" did not want his name published, though he gave this editor permission to publish his story. "L" was well-known among Ufologists in the 1960s as editor of a popular UFO newsletter. He also knew George D. Wight, author of the infamous (and still missing) Wight Manuscript, which described this alleged underworld civilization. This was the first installment of "L"'s story, published in the last and final issue of Shavertron Megazine, at the end of it's second incarnation during the early 1990's. We will publish the other installments (never before seen by anyone but your editor and the unnamed recipient) if we can just find them in our dusty, disorganized files.

Dear _____,

Three years ago I began corresponding with Richard Toronto at the request of Charles Marcoux and his recommendation of Richard as an individual of integrity who would not violate a confidence.

The prime reason for initially corresponding with Richard was to certify that articles which began to be published in Shavertron and co-authored by Charles Marcoux and George D. Wight were factual.

The articles by Marcoux and Wight were in fact, portions from a manuscript written by George, given to me, and I in turn forwarded the material to Charles. Although the manuscript was compiled in the 1970s and '80s Marcoux did not receive the material until 1982.

The manuscript detailed the expeditions conducted from 1960 to 1972 by N! (actual name has been changed by author's request--RT), a four-man unit of speleologists, adventurers, and explorers of which I was, and am the Director. The material described the various explorations of Ozark caves and the accounts leading to the accidental discovery of a civilization existing in a glowing subterranean environment at a depth of five miles and beyond. Access to this "new frontier" was discovered, by chance, through Blowing Cave, in Cushman, Arkansas. The above paragraphs represent a brief outline of the entire episode. The minute details and events which preceded the initial expedition and the specifics which proceeded the last expeditionary venture are complex.

Please be advised that prior to meeting Charles Marcoux in 1957, and after our initial meeting and past the time he departed for Glendale, Arizona, I was not a believer in the Shaver Mystery, nor in Marcoux's hypothesis. I was introduced to the Shaver Mystery by Charles in 1957. Please understand that by that time I already had extensive knowledge and experience in the field of speleology, more than enough (my opinion at that time) to know and ascertain that a place such as Marcoux and Shaver described did not exist. My evaluation of the hypothesis based on my prior experience formed my philosophy and left no room for other opinions. Of course I regretted it years later. It is difficult to narrate a condensed version of the entire twelve year period in one correspondence, so I will elaborate on the details as we continue to correspond. But do be aware as you receive future details, that all expeditions were undertaken for adventure, NOT to discover another world or to prove or disprove Marcoux or Shaver.

For starters, I began to explore caverns when I was fourteen years of age. This was the result of meeting Clyde Shaw, a resident from Cushman, Arkansas, who was visiting here in Michigan (later to be my brother-in-law). I accepted his invitation to visit him in Arkansas where he introduced me to subterranean caverns which are numerous around the Cushman area. The first cavern to which I was led was called Blowing Cave. The caverns were fascinating and since Michigan did not have natural caverns I returned to Cushman periodically to satisfy my sense of adventure which the caverns presented.

The trips to Cushman continued throughout my school years and also through my college years. Clyde later married my sister, moved to Michigan, and left me to explore caverns by myself. I continued my forays to the caves, always staying at the home of Clyde's parents. The Cushmanites were accustomed to my presence in the area and my solo trips continued past my college graduation and during my years of teaching. I usually found someone from around Cushman who was willing to enter the caves with me. While still pursuing my periodic ventures I delved into other fields of endeavor, which aroused my curiosity. One of these was the subject of UFOs.

In 1957, while attending a lecture on the subject of UFOs at the local library meeting room, I was introduced to Charles Marcoux by a mutual friend named (deleted), who later disappeared on an outing to Lake Michigan. Even though he was observed going into the water for a swim by dozens of mutual friends, he never came out of the water and his body has never been recovered. Marcoux appeared to be very knowledgeable regarding the subject of UFOs. I was to meet Marcoux many times at other lectures in the area and we became good friends.

The last six months of 1957 were industrious. I entered the field of UFO publications, as editor of (deleted). Three prototypes were published which received good response so on February 1, 1958 the monthly publication came into existence with Volume 1, Number 1. Marcoux had been given a column in the three prototypes. Charles also recommended a friend of his with whom he had extensive contact through correspondence. The friend was George D. Wight from Bedford, Ohio. George had recently abandoned attempts at publishing a UFO magazine and welcomed the idea of accepting a column as Ohio Staff Correspondent for our magazine. Shortly after our magazine began publication, Charles left Michigan and moved to Glendale, Arizona, but not before he made various attempts to indoctrinate me regarding the Shaver Mystery.

He did not succeed by any means, but we became good friends in spite of our difference. He became Arizona staff Correspondent and continued with his column. It was in Arizona that he conducted physical and literary research and his physical effort and determination earned him the respect of the readers. At that time Charles' column was the only one dealing with the subsurface aspect, even though there were approximately 350 other similar publications.

In 1960, I met George D. Wight. He was a paraplegic. He had modified his car to enable him to drive without assistance. He was undertaking a tour of Canada and stopped to visit our magazine. He obtained addresses of Canadian subscribers and UFO publications and planned to visit them. He departed on his tour, and left with our promises to visit him in Bedford. By 1960 I had acquired enough knowledge of the Shaver Mystery to realize that there was not a shred of physical evidence to prove the theory. Marcoux was the prime source of current material and the only active investigator exerting physical effort. (Remember, most of the SM was haggled over in the pulps--RT). I was aware of Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver in the neighboring state of Wisconsin. I thereby challenged Palmer and Shaver, in writing, to advise where an access to the subworld could be found. I offered to sponsor the expedition and stated that I would assume all expenses.

They did not reply. I submitted several more challenges but received no reply. I then felt certain that the subworld did not exist and my challenge proved it. I was positive and had absolutely no doubts. I then advised Marcoux of the Palmer and Shaver silence and proceeded to offer him the similar challenge. His written reply was received and it was fairly precise. He claimed that his current research indicated that an entrance to the subsurface world would be found in the north-east section of the state of Arkansas. His reply was filed away by the records section our zine, and ignored. That same year, 1960, I decided that solo ventures to explore caverns was not productive or satisfying. I then organized N!, composed of acquaintances and others not connected with our magazine or UFO groups. The first expedition was organized on February of 1960. The unit was composed of myself, a teacher; Bob, a college senior, later a sheriff's deputy and currently a teacher; Sam, Bob's brother, a college senior later to become a teacher and also a sheriff's deputy, and Paul, a college senior, later a lab technician for DuPont. None had experience in the field of speleology or exploration.

On the first expedition I led them to Blowing Cave in Cushman, due to its immense size and the fact that two previous explorers never made their way out of the cave. This incident provided a sense of adventure and danger. A second expedition was undertaken in June 1960 to Blowing Cave and to other caverns in Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee. All expeditions began at Blowing cave in Arkansas and proceeded to other locations in other states. A third expedition in December of 1960 gave the unit more experience. The group was now better equipped and organized. We had sidearms, carbines, camping gear, uniforms, an armored car modified for our purpose and our own banner and log. We were probably the first para-military group. On August of 1961, after determining that it had the answer to the UFO mystery, our magazine ceased publication. More time became available for cavern explorations.

I'll proceed from this point in my next corespondence. At this point, I will answer the letter which you submitted to Richard to forward to me.

I believe that previous letters to Richard will indicate that I also contend that current Shaver Mystery material is in reality re-cycled old Shaver Mystery material. If you refer to Shavertron, issue #15, the Letters section, you will note my comments in paragraph two. The main reason for the absence of physical evidence is due to researchers who insist on placing the subworld in the metaphysical, the spiritual and the world of ESP. All three aspects are not material, intangible and thus, not subject to physical scrutiny, therefore--NO PROOF.

I once advised Charles that followers of Shaver would not believe the discovery of a subworld as WE discovered it and found it to be. I should advise you also, that the subworld as Shaver described it, does not exist. You will note the difference when it is detailed in the chronology in future correspondence to you. For the first time in the history of the Shaver Mystery, an entrance to the subworld was named and pinpointed. But note the absence of so-called "researchers". Marcoux advised where to look but no one is beating a path to Blowing Cave.

Subsurface residents do not communicate telepathically. Even Marcoux who claimed to be psychic discredited such means of communication. The residents themselves discredited such contact, otherwise Marcoux would have found the main entrance, and him they were expecting. Also----One characteristic of the subworld, which in my opinion discredits any part of the Shaver Mystery, is that THERE IS A LANGUAGE BARRIER. When we made contact with these people there was no means of communication. The subsurface dwellers do not speak English, or any thing that we could understand. This proved to be a frustration on their, and our parts. This also eliminates the possibility of telepathic communication. In an old manuscript by Marcoux, written in 1945, he indicates that his research shows that the language of the subworld is Sanskrit, Greek or Hebrew, or Zen. George D. Wight, who later chose to remain there acted as interpreter. Even if the subworld residents had wanted to communicate and were capable of telepathic communication, they would have used the names that we gave them for the sake of identification. Especially since your telepathic friend claimed to be in contact with one of the beings we visited. Your uncertainty regarding "psychic doings" should serve as an indication of the evil influences involved. Listen to your feelings. You claim to be a "born again Christian so follow the Biblical teachings. The Bible is precise and to the point when it prohibits the use of mediums, or spirits. Satan is the third most powerful being in the entire universe, next to God and Christ, and he is also the Master Psychologist. Despite this fact, every individual was given the right, by God, to choose either the path of good or evil. Evil, or possession, has to be invited. Many do not realize this. And speaking of possession, Wight was warning about the subject in his UFO column before anyone was aware of the subject. He was the first to theorize that UFOs were of a Satanic and spiritual nature and a piece of a UFO, or any material proof, would never be found.

This has held true to this day, complicated only by the presence of experimental world wide UFO project which occasionally go awry. True UFOs are a blob of light with no substance. At times they resemble burning coals. As for the subworld inhabitants, Wight claimed that the subworld civilization is not as ancient as Shaver claimed. Their history begins after the deluge or Biblical flood. Wight was given information regarding the source of the flood waters, the reason for the long life span of Biblical prophets, the first and last ice age and its cause, and the positive physical evidence that Satan was recently cast down to earth as described in Biblical accounts. The cause of the different earth races was also mentioned. Since the subworld inhabitants are part of the human race, there is no special mention. I faintly remember a reference to life on and in the earth.

I sincerely hope a dispute does not occur as is typical when one discusses religion. You must likely have your beliefs or theories and I do not wish to intrude. If you do request information and a reply is given, feel free to accept or not to accept, if the info is of a religious nature. Incidently, I keep referring to the subsurface inhabitants, rather than Teros. I believe Shaver coined the name, just as he created the name Dero.

This information is for your own use and as we progress from correspondence to correspondence logic and common sense will assure you that Shaver's world does not exist, as he described it, but that a world does exist composed of human beings, not spirits. Unlike Shaver, who never really knew if he had actually been there physically or spiritually, we prepared, we exerted energy, and WE WALKED there. There were no short cuts, no psychics, and up to now, no uncertainties. The only way to the subworld is through physical effort.

October 10, 1985
Dear (deleted),

Let me qualify my position regarding the "secretiveness" (as you stated) about this entire episode. Prior to the discovery I did not believe Marcoux and even though we were good friends our friendship sometimes reached a breaking point. His insistence on the existence of a subworld and my years of cavern explorations and knowledge to the contrary did much to strain our tempers. However, after our discovery proved me wrong and vindicated Marcoux, we held a press conference, due to the fact that our UFO magazine was by then out of the publishing scene, we had to utilize the newspapers. The story was virtually ignored and practically ridiculed. It was credited as being a metaphysical experience. As a last resort we invited a reporter on an expedition and provided him with all the necessary equipment. At the last minute he declined. It was our contention that no one was concerned. We made further efforts which proved negative. The discovery of a subsurface civilization only resulted in tremendous rejection, aggravation, and humiliation. We made the effort to make everyone aware with absolutely negative results. It was decided that we were experiencing too much degradation and the experience of a lifetime should be kept to ourselves.

I did owe Marcoux a long and deserving apology and I felt that it was time he knew that his hypothesis was correct. However, when I tried to communicate I was unable to locate him. This effort went on for many years.

I finally found Marcoux, advised him of the entire episode and gave him all the information. We told him it was his to do as he wished. We made him aware of our results with the press and cautioned him that he was capable of achieving the same bad results. This did not deter him and he later stated that he would be making the story public by writing articles in two publications, the Hollow Hassle and Shavertron. After all the years of silence, I was pushed into the subject again in order to verify Marcoux's articles. I accomplished this by opening correspondence with Richard. Thus far Richard has been a man of his word.

The subsurface people claim their history began after the flood and state that they are descendants of Noah and his family. Except for their tall stature, their lack of melanin and lack of hair color, they resemble humans. Everyone has white hair, even the children.

There are characteristics of the subworld that manifest themselves as one descends deep into the ground and become more pronounced when one enters the glowing milieu. There is no feeling of fatigue and the desire for food occurs at intervals of what we judged to be days. There is no night or day by which to judge the periods. We never made ourselves aware of their timetable. The other phenomenon that occurs is that the mind is able to function in the most superb manner. It was amazing to be able to recall an event from the past and for one's mind to detail every iota of the event. The details are so clear and vivid that one can actually re-live the event as it happened. It may be that this is where the expression "lost in one's thoughts" came from, from those on the surface who can still think deeply. Everyone is capable of this feat in the subworld. I want to include the events of the earth's past as we received the information from George...

1.) The Source of the Flood Waters:
When God created the earth He created an expanse of water above the earth, in the heavens, where it orbited slowly around the earth. The earth resembled a blue-green marble inside of clear soap bubble. The expanse of water was five miles deep. There was also aquatic life in the expanse. The presence of the expanse made the earth's temperature mild over the entire globe. There were no summers or winters. The trees never lost their leaves. There were forests even at what are now the North and South Poles. The nights were not very dark. The sun's rays caused the expanse to give off a soft glow on the night side. There were no periods of rain but a cool mist was present on the entire planet.

2.) The Reason for the Long Life Spans:
We may marvel at the long life span experienced by Biblical characters such as Methuselah and those living before Noah. However, it was really a tragedy. When God created man He created him perfect. When Adam and Eve were created they were capable of living forever. When they rebelled and were banished from the Garden of Eden, God caused changes to occur. He caused the sun to give off radiation (the Flaming Sword?) which to some degree penetrated the expanse. The rays caused aging and eventual death. (Editor's Note: this corroborates Shaver's theories).

Whereas Adam and Eve could have lived eternally, as well as their descendants, their disobedience limited their life span and those living after them. The expanse of water partially protected them and they were able to live for centuries. You will note that after Noah (up to about two generations later) the life span was shortened by fifty percent, whereas some, or many of Adam's descendants lived for up to 900 plus years, Noah's descendants survived for up to 300 and 400 years. After their existence the life span dropped dramatically. The sun's radiation also brought other changes. These changes were genetic and the most obvious change which took place within two centuries after the flood was the emergence of the four earth races, black, white, yellow and red.

3.) The First and Last Ice Age: The expanse of water in the heavens above the earth is the key to everything. In its beginning, it was not placed there for protection but rather to stabilize the earth's environment. The sun was not deadly, but provided warmth. With the expanse of water removed the earth lost its protection from the elements. Those parts of the earth farthest from the sun experienced cold, ice and snow for the first time. The poles became covered with ice miles thick, burying green vegetation underneath. This was the first ice age and since the flood occurred 2370 B.C. the ice age occurred at the very same time, or 4355 years ago (2370 BC plus 1985). It was also the last ice age. Adam was created in 4026 BC and to this time man has existed for 6011 years.


(Ed. Note: we're skipping part Two, which is further details of the UFO magazine and incidents which lead the staff to hypothesize that the occupants of the flying saucers were evil entities.)

Three expeditions were conducted in February, June, and December of 1961. In February, the venture began with further exploration of Blowing Cave, and then proceeded to other cavern sites in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky. The month of June found the unit back at Blowing Cave from where we proceeded to follow our usual routine of the previous expeditions. After the initial visitation and exploration of Blowing Cave we headed for Missouri and Kentucky.

The month of December closed the second anniversary of the unit's existence. Christmas was spent in Blowing Cave where we continued to probe in hopes of discovering new rooms and satisfying our sense of adventure. Missouri and Tennessee were our next two stops. The month of February, 1962, marked the beginning of the unit's third year as an organized group, and the seventh exploration of Blowing Cave. Much time had also been devoted to exploring other caverns in the immediate Cushman area. In the past two years, we had become familiar with Salt Peter Cave, Bat Cave, Glass Cave, Bone Cave, and an array of un-named caves near Blowing Cave. Once again, the expedition continued to Kentucky and Tennessee. The expedition of June, 1962, was the most significant and rewarding. It presented the group with a new challenge, an indication of what was yet to come, while at the same time, establishing in the minds of the group that great discoveries are mainly accidental. The June expedition was the eighth trek into the cavern. By that time we were familiar with every turn, every room, every ledge, we had crawled through every opening and penetrated into every available space. On that June of 1962, we entered Blowing Cave expecting nothing significant and with no hope or expectations but not quite bordering on boredom. We arrived in Cushman at approximately 11:00 PM. Cushman, a small town, did not possess street lighting and only an occasional light could be seen through the windows of random homes. We drove through town and continued on our way west of Cushman lighting the dirt road with the headlights of our re-vamped armored truck. The vehicle made its way through the darkness and at the first turn we lost sight of what ever lights were emitted by the homes of Cushman. A short distance from the cave opening we set up a bivouac.

In the morning we would take our vehicle and leave it at the home of friends in Cushman, where it would be secure. When we returned, we bivouacked a short distance inside the cave. We made a campfire, set up our 4 foot by 3 foot banner, and prepared to venture into the darkness of the cave, which had been our routine for the past two and a half years. We probed the cave for seven or eight hours and returned to our campsite. We restarted our campfire and relaxed and browsed around the site. We had shed all our gear and with coffee cups in hand we stood around and leisurely observed the cave walls as we strolled around our familiar surroundings. The floor of the cave was littered with huge blocks of stone. The sizes varied from those the size of refrigerators to others the size of automobiles. The blocks presented a mystery as to their origin. They did not appear to have fallen from the ceiling and the walls of the cave, which were arched, did not give any indication where any of the blocks of stone may have broken away. We had learned to weave our way around and past the obstructions on our way into the cave on this, and on past expeditions. In this instance as we browsed around the stones we were neither on our way in or on our way out. This time we were merely observing and paying attention to detail and it was this elementary procedure that caused Sam to make an observation and discovery.

He directed our attention to the floor of the cave, at the base of one of the stone blocks. There was a gaping hole. From the opening on the floor a long crack about three inches wide extended eastward for about twenty feet. A halogen light was obtained from our gear and the beam directed down at the opening. The opening was actually a crevice and although the light beam was intense we could not clearly see the end of the beam. We anticipated the discovery of a new room. There was a breeze emitting from the crevice and we contemplated that the stone block should be moved.

Two of the unit's members, Bob and Fred, returned to Cushman and to our vehicle to retrieve our block and tackle which we had not perceived would be needed. As the stone was slowly slid away, the movement revealed more and more of the crevice and the width became wider and wider. With the stone out of the way, the crevice was revealed and measured about two and one half feet. The most significant observation was that the crevice led down to a gradual descent into what resembled a bottomless void. The light did not reveal an end to the incline.

The view was impressive enough to give us hope of a new discovery. The long three inch crack on the floor, which ironically pointed to the crevice, had been walked over for the past two years, and hundreds of treks into the cave's interior. We never gave it any significant attention! Now with the block of stone removed and with anticipation of new discoveries, the unit strapped on their gear and prepared to enter the crevice.

END OF PART 3...Continued ...