by Richard S. Shaver

Some things other than light need to be hidden beneath bushels, while many lights that are not hidden under baskets should perhaps be extinguished. It isn't necessary to string a lot of words together in meanings that are not anything but more words strung upon our overburdened necks already arched with the outpourings of the radio, TV and "News Conferences."

What is necessary is a way, a real light in the darkness, instead of which we get misinformation ad infinitum and with embellishments of cliches that were worn out when Noah was hammering on his ark.

Hideosities is a necessary peek at the hidden whispering, the endless cruelty of the unspoken, the awful darkness of the lack of mind now pregnant on our horizon of unwanted things. You won't like Hideosities, and you aren't supposed to know they exist (especially by those who ARE hideous, cruel, unthinking agents of the darkness itself). They're there, these agents of darkness, spread out across the world with their black wings fluttering to hide all truth and all goodness forevermore. But somehow they are visible even in the darkness we call "modern knowledge" (and other words like "technology"; always remembering that "technology" in Japan means Mercury poisoning in the villagers' fish, and in the USA means dead birds on the oil-covered beaches).

The black wings of their reaching, hiding thought are active in every single mind on earth...obscuring all truth and all wisdom with a blanket of "invisible" thought waves sent out from vast and ancient underground installations of telaugmentive stations...and to live we have to learn it, and learn to do something about it besides whisper in the darkness of ignorance.

To live again, man whispers, watching the darkness descend again upon the "new" world of hope he has been so busily erecting these past two centuries. The new dark age of modernity has some very hideous markings upon its facade of glittering ambiguity and noble aspirations toward utter lack of mind. It is easy to throw mud at it, but to understand it is something else again. It is easy to throw a leper out of the village, but to stop the infectious spread of the disease is not really that simple. The cause of modern degeneracy and the decay of our institutions has to be isolated in fact, and not just in words.

It's not so easy to tell a people lost in the ignorant darkness that is utter lack of all knowledge of their own past and their own deprivation of their own inheritance. It's not so easy to be heard in the welter of words that is really a smoke screen behind which our worst parasites operate. Everywhere this smoke screen of endless babble obscures all possibility of genuine thought...the "media" operate perpetually to obscure all real information, apparently unknowingly their worst evil is ignored and hidden by their own efforts.

The "Captive Audience" sits and watches their TeeVee, and never knows that what they watch is drawing their attention from their greatest need and their most pressing priority.

None of us really has the time to spare to be impregnated every ten minutes with soap commercials yet we are subjected to it in the name of commercialism, whatever name it goes by we can't afford that sort of mind enslavement.

I don't really care to buy a Skid-No-More tire, either. I don't think we should have any autos active anywhere, because of their ultra-poisonous by products and effect upon life. Yet I have to live with them roaring by and can't even hear my TEEVEE as it wastes my time with auto commercials.

To focus on the Hideosities of the Title of this piece, let's look at the fields of hidden thought which control this monstrosity of commercialism that lays like a blanket of mud upon the whole landscape of life.

Lift your eyes from the three wives of the soap opera, and listen for a minute to an old wisdom bird.

Tele-augmentive mind-rule exists, and consciously or unconsciously most of us have felt it, have noted there is something wrong about thinking. Something hampering us is constantly noted, but seldom spoken of. Well I am speaking.

The telaug and the telemach were once openly active all over earth, in pre-deluge times. Today they are still active, but secretly. The telaug is the device that listens to your mind's workings at a distance, and the telemach is the other device which can CAUSE you to think and act differently than you otherwise would. The meaning is "tele-make"...it makes you do things.

These are not properly science fiction concoctions, created on paper to entertain you. They are very ancient facts of life, still with us, secretly used on us. There is only one place such a thing can be mentioned seriously, and that place is in just such fanzines as this one. No "serious" publication will handle such effusions, and you cannot hear about it in any popular publication today, since Amazing declined into its present form.

I would not bother, if the motivation behind its secret use was clean and good and wholly benevolent.

It is difficult enough to be heard about anything above the roar of the motors and the babble of the TV and Radio, and little enough of any real use is heard by anyone from the Media. For instance, do you realize the ONLY educational program regularly seen and heard on TV is Sesame Street? I get 5 channels on my TV, and that is it! Sesame Street is the only choice if you really feel you should learn something, and I can now count to ten and have an insatiable appetite for cookies.

I keep wondering...wondering what TV would be if it was not so helpless under the blanket of mind-rule (which, of course, we must pretend does not exists).

I am just one who got tired of pretending it wasn't there, long ago. From there on, one finds one is a controversial something or other...polite words for S.O.B. I do not want to say it's no controversy, it's a Hideosity, a blanket of smothering mind-mud.

To agree with me, people find terrifically difficult, and in fact find they have to learn something about it. Since learning anything more difficult than Sesame Street's simplicities is not possible from a TV set, they don't learn enough to understand that Shaver stands for something besides controversy.

I go on, pretending always that there ARE people in the world with minds that do not want to be mind slaves. But some days this gets a bit difficult.

Today, since the advent of Alpha wave mind-wave devices, and the experimental use of such devices everywhere, the picture is a bit different, and many people are actually accepting the possibility of telaug and telemach waves.

I do really think mankind HAS to throw off this blanket, one way or another, and find out about the real world they live in, rather than accepting the surface appearances as all of life.

I really feel we should get something a bit more advanced for those of us who are out kindergarten. From TV, the Radio, and that other thing, the antiquated Newspaper. I don't feel that the immense technological accomplishment behind the TV set should be solely devoted to the phone conversations of the three wives of soap operas.

Of course, you can learn to cook from that so-sensible woman named Dinah Shore. But somehow I don't feel we are getting from TV all that we should get, do you? And if you add up all the hours you have spent watching Johnny Carson, and then subtract from that all the hours wasted, you don't seem to have a lot left on the credit side. Somehow we deserve better, I believe. In fact, I know it.

What we should be getting is construction details of mind-improving devices like the new Alpha wave devices, but far more advanced. We need better minds to cope with the decay of our world.

Now, it may be that the total population really is composed of retarded children of advanced age, as the TV programs seem to be designed for the, and to still further retard their thinking.

But personally I have always felt that the total population of possible audience mind had a higher potential for learning than that. I may be wrong, and sometimes I feel that I am wrong sitting in front of Johnny Carson or Barbara in the morning.

And then I FEEL that Hideosity, shutting off the real live thinking and turning on the stupidity that we accept as the norm of life.

So I work my wits to find a way to do something about it. Which, believe you me, isn't simple. For the thing used to accomplish this vast nothingness of thought was built by super beings long and long ago...and it still works. It was NOT built to do the stupid thing it is used for today. It was built to accomplish just the reverse, and once, long ago, it accomplished its purpose. And man conquered space and moved out to the stars, and the moon left its orbit about the sun and collided with the earth and wiped out the ancient tracks of the superior race that once was US.

Today their work is used to hold us back from re-treading that path. And about all I can do about it is to talk about it, most unsuccessfully. But I try. So I keep repeating...The normal stupidity which our great TV networks use as a figure upon which to base formulas around which they design their "shows" ...is no accident. Neither is it normal. It is a present from the Underworld, and we have got to do something about it.

Man has a much higher potential than he is given credit for having. And we had better start catering to this potential, while it still exists. What can YOU do about it??? To begin with, quit wasting your time reading this kind of crap and concentrate on improving yourself by becoming a young Republican and voting for Richard Nixon ...no, that's not right.

You can entertain your own best motivations, rather than giving in to the steady hidden drive toward stupidity given off by the "secret" telemach. No, that's not right...it is like the wind and you are like a tumbleweed, without any inner drive...you have to let it roll you forever toward nowhere. Give up...let it waste all your life.

written...circa 1969